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Dance Syllabi

Each dance has a list of recognized steps associated with it. This list of steps for each dance style is known as the Syllabus. The syllabus for each dance is broken into three parts - the Bronze steps, the Silver steps, and the Gold steps. There are approximately ten separate steps for each part. 

Generally, the steps of a given level are grouped together because of the level of difficulty. From Absolute Beginners to Bronze, Silver, and Gold, figures get increasingly sophisticated. Above Gold level, you can dance in the "open" category, which means you are not restricted to the figures on the syllabus. Instead, you can develop your own figures and routine. For example, the Bronze level steps are fairly basic and provide a good grounding and understanding of the nature of each individual dance. The Silver level comprises all of the bronze steps plus a few more, slightly more advanced steps. Predictably, the Gold level incorporates all of the bronze and all of the silver steps, with the addition of more advanced steps. At all levels, attention to technique will always aid in the execution!

In general, it is preferable for dancers to learn first bronze - then silver - then gold. But one does not need to know the entire bronze syllabus before progressing to silver.

In our Programs, we incorporate recognized dance syllabi into the EXCLUSIVE ‘De La Vega’ Method!

The De La Vega ‘Absolute Beginners’ Program:

The Absolute Beginner’s Program, develops the ‘most important’ dances you plan to use immediately at a basic level. Emphasis is placed on three important elements of dancing: 1) foot position 2) rhythm and timing 3) leading or following with enough variety to keep your learning experience interesting.  If you have ballroom experience, or other dance experience, it is highly recommended that you take a higher level of instruction.  As indicated, this program is for “Absolute Beginners.”  If you have little or no dance experience, then this is the program for you!

The De La Vega ‘Bronze’ Program:

The Bronze Program will help you acquire ‘freer movement’ around the floor while expanding your variety, technique and footwork. Bronze level steps build from the absolute beginner program and are generally the simplest ones that help you learn the basics of the dance and ballroom dancing in general. Bronze dancers begin to develop portrayal of a dance's characteristics in the form of styling. The Bronze program is designed to develop timing and techniques in the dance being taught.  The styling will make you look and feel comfortable on the dance floor and strengthen your lead and following the music being played.  At the conclusion of the Bronze Program, the dancer should have all the confidence anyone would need on the floor, because they have reached the "fun point" in dancing. Dancing techniques at this level will be yours to keep as you'll never forget the elements of each dance.

The De La Vega ‘Silver’ Program:

The Silver Program is the dance standard with a “high” degree of styling. Silver level steps are a bit harder than bronze and may include more difficult techniques. More elaborate movements are taught to ensure the Silver dancer will stand out on any dance floor. Continuity of movements makes a couple glide across the dance floor with many natural directional changes. Styling, technique, balance and control take on an entirely new meaning. This is the beginning of the more professional standard.

The DeLa Vega “Gold’ Program:

The Gold Program is strictly for the dancer interested in the highest level of performance. Dancers at this level have the confidence for performances, exhibitions or competitions. Experienced and competitive dancers will learn a great deal from these group classes.  Technique and style are stressed to produce polished, championship-quality dancers.   The Gold Program’s intricate patterns require that both partners are proficient. Choreography, styling, technique and showmanship are necessities. This material is generally not used on a crowded floor. There is a lot of work involved in this program, but the goal is that you are recognized as an outstanding dancer and able to excel in the dance at the conclusion of the Program.

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For representative steps of each dance style taught by Ben De La Vega, see Syllabus.

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