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Practice Parties

Practice Sessions

For everyone who takes private lessons from Mr. De La Vega, or who is a current member of a dance class taught at PJ’s Dancetique, or is a member of the Seniors, Youth or College groups,  four hours of studio floor space is made made available each week for practice (two hours for ballroom) and (two hours for rhythm/Latin) @ $5.00 per person per hour.  Mr. De La Vega’s assistant will be present and will keep music playing for the practice session.  Prior arrangements can be made for Mr. De La Vega to provide private instruction for a group of students at his standard hourly private lesson fee, if a call is made in advance. See Calendar.

Saturday Night Practice Parties

The Saturday Night Practice Party has become a long standing tradition at PJ’s Dancetique.  This Practice Party occurs EVERY SATURDAY night.  The party begins at 8:00 p.m. and ends at 11:00 p.m.  Dancers generally come dressed up a bit, the lights are turned low, and the music begins.  And what music it is!!  Mr. De La Vega goes to great lengths to select a wide variety of great music that everyone likes to dance to.  There are finger foods a plenty and various types of drinks.  It’s BYOB for those who want wine or other alcohol.  But the best thing is the comradery among the dancers and a relaxed atmosphere that inspires everyone to get on the floor and dance.  It’s what it is called - a party to come to and practice what you’ve learned in lessons during the week.  You will simply find little reason for intimidation by the friendliness and atmosphere which exists at these parties. See Calendar.