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Private Lessons

Private Lessons with Ben De La Vega 

Ben De La Vega is one of the finest Private Lesson Dance instructors available.  Private lessons are the best way for you to achieve your dance goals. Whether you come solo or with a partner, you will have Mr. De La Vega to yourself for the whole session. During a student’s one-on-one private lesson, he/she will receive personalized instruction that will help achieve the goals in dancing. Mr. De La Vega will spend the time necessary on technique, styling, and general dance improvement. An up-to-date record of everything the student has learned will also be kept as part of their instruction. You can work on the dance of your choice.  Mr. De La Vega will create a program that will make you the dancer you want to be. He will also work with your schedule to find the best time for you. 

Mr. De La Vega’s strength lies in his versatility.  He is fully qualified to teach the American Style Rhythm and Smooth and International Style Latin and Standard dances.

Additionally, Mr. De La Vega is a master dance choreographer.  Choreography is the art of making dances -- the gathering and organization of movement into order and pattern.  Dancers work with choreographers, who create original dances and develop new interpretations of existing dances.  For years accomplished dancers have sought out Mr. De La Vega’s creativity and artistry in dance for assistance in preparing for showcases, dance exhibitions, or freestyle competitions.  His work as a choreographer is done in a private lesson setting. 

Private Lessons Payment Plan:

All private lessons are based on an hourly rate of $75.00 (as of 9/1/2008).  A couple pays $75.00 for an hour of private instruction, or a single pays $75.00 for an hour of private instruction.  However, if you purchase 10, 15, or 20 hours of private lessons, you receive additional bonus hours free.

  • FIVE (5) HOURS: $75.00 X 5 HOURS = $375.00
  • TEN (10) HOURS: $75.00 X 10  HOURS (W/ 1 BONUS HR.) = $750.00
  • FIFTEEN (15) HOURS: $75.00 X 15  HOURS W/ 2 BONUS HRS.) = $1125.00
  • TWENTY (20) HOURS: $75.00 X 20  HOURS W/ 3 BONUS HRS.) = $1500.00

Contact Us and let Mr. De La Vega customize a private lesson plan tailored to meet your specific needs.