Ben De La Vega teaches from the following Dance Syllabi in his group classes:

Each dance has a list of recognized steps associated with it. This list of steps for each dance style is known as the Syllabus. The syllabus for each dance is broken into three parts - the Bronze steps, the Silver steps, and the Gold steps. From Bronze to Gold, the steps get increasingly more difficult.  While more than ten steps are shown from each part below, there are approximately ten separate steps taught for each level by Mr. De La Vega per class session.  (Much of the material taught in Ben’s lessons is taken from the UISTD and NDCA American Style Syllabi.)


Syllabi for American Style Smooth Dances taught in group classes at PJ’s Dancetique:

Fox Trot:

  • Bronze:  Basic, Box Step, Ad Lib A and B, Zig Zag, Balance Step, Promenade, Promenade Twist, Promenade Pivot, Simple Twinkle, Turning Twinkle, Continuity Twinkle, Progressive Twinkle Chasse, Progressive Twinkles Backward, Promenade Chasse, Cross Body lead, Cross Body Lead with Under Arm Turn, Under Arm Turn - Ladies, Under Arm Turn - Man, Turning Basic;
  • Silver: Open Right Turn, Open Left Turn, Running Steps A & B, Open Triple Twinkle, Reverse Turn, Natural Turn Combination, Promenade Left/Right, Alternating Twinkles, Side by Side Cross with Free Spin, Hair Pin Turn, Open Right Box, Fallaway, Champaign Glide, Grapevine, Weave, Pivots to Spin, Promenade Cross and Chasse, Continuity Box;
  • Gold: Chasse for Man with Reverse Turn for Lady, Hair Pin Turn, Back Lock, Lunge-Oversway, Reverse Turn with Outside Swivel, Flip Flops, Fantasy, Throwaway, Same Foot Lunge, Hinge to Runaround, Impetus Turn, Chene Turn with Continuity Ending, Right Foot Lunge, Fred Astaire Drag, Counter Check with Ripple Action, Hairpin into Curved Feather, Shadow Hairpin.


  • Bronze: Forward Basic, Backward Basic, Left and Right Foot Closed Changes, Left Turn A, B, and C, Right Turn A, B, and C, Hesitation A and B, Promenade Hesitation, Promenade Walk-around, Promenade Pivot, Cross Body Lead, Simple Twinkle, Twinkle with Promenade Chasse Ending, Twinkles Forward, Twinkles Back, Twist to Left from Promenade Position, Open Finish A, B, C, Under Arm Turn - Ladies, Under Arm Turn - Man;
  • Silver: Open Right Turn, Open Left Turn, Running Steps, Sway, Open Progressive Twinkles, Continuity Twinkle, Progressive Basic, Continuity Box, Open Left Box Turn, Advanced Twinkle, Promenade Cross to Quick Chasse, Left Side Rock and Spin, Open Right Turn, Twinkle and Twist, Twinkle and Fallaway, Twinkle and Pivots, Pivots to Spin, Contra Check, Quick Fallaway to Rock, Hesitation Left and Right, Open Right Turn to Fan, Twinkle with Hesitation for Man and Develope for Lady, Runarounds, Syncopated Turns, Figure Eight, Circular Rondes; 
  • Gold: Chasse for Man with Reverse Turn for Lady, Dishrag, Open Roll, Side by Side Runarounds, Slip Pivot, Hair Pin Turn, Back Lock, Lunge-Oversway, Reverse Turn with Outside Swivel, Flip Flops, Fantasy, Throwaway, Same Foot Lunge, Jete Lines, Rocking Chair, Advanced Fallaways, Hinge to Runaround, Telespin, Starburst, Back Run, Spiral, Forward with Pivot Spin Out, Syncopated Spin Turn, Closed Telemark, Cuddle.

Tango (American Style only - Not Argentine Tango):

  • Bronze:  Basic A, B, Promenade A, B, C, Corte A, B, Fans A, B, Running Steps A, B, Progressive Rocks, Contra Rocks, Rock and Fan, Check and Corte, Quick Right Turn, Argentine Walk Running Steps;
  • Silver: Checked Promenade, Walk and Link, Double Fan, Quick Fans, Turning Rock to Contra Check, Fallaway Fan, Fallaway Ronde, Cobra Fans, Oversway, Trash Move, Rock and Ronde, Left Turn to Fans, Continuous Ronde, Same Foot Lunge, Promenade Twist, Pivot to Fallaway Lunge;
  • Gold: Promenade Turn to Corte, Back Turning Rocks, Quick Change, Turning Rock to Same Foot Lunge, Double Ronde, Oversway, Serpiente, Tango Run, Tango Run with Inside Twirl, Throwaway, Turning Tango Draw, more Trash Moves.

Viennese Waltz:

  • Bronze:  Basic Left Turn, Left Hesitation Turn, Basic Right Turn, Right Hesitation Turn, Side Cross Hesitation, Forward Hesitation, Progressive Hesitation, Curtsey Hesitation, Right Outside Run-Around, Promenade Run-Around, Canter Rocks Left, Canter Rocks Right, Left Fleckerl, Right Fleckerl;
  • Silver: Under Arm Turn, Parallel Run, Counter, Kick and Run, Open Canter, Fan and Twinkle, Twist Turn, Under Arm Turn in Center Time, Sweetheart Canter, Advanced Balance Combination;
  • Gold: Open Right Turn to Shadow, Left Turn Connection, Barrell Roll, Shadow Skips, Roll In and Out, Tandem Turns to Brush Hops, Throw Outs, Change of Places, Butterflies, Chene Turns, Left Side Box, Right Side Box, 


Syllabi for American Style Rhythm Dances are Taught at PJ’s Dancetique.


  • Bronze: Basic, Forward and Backward Breaks, Sideward Breaks, Outside Breaks Forward, Outside Breaks Backward, Forward Rocks, Backward Rocks, Basic with Under Arm Turn, Promenade Breaks 5th Position Breaks, Open Break, Cross Body Lead, Cross Body Lead to Cuban Walk, Forward Spot Turn, Backward Spot Turn, Right Under Arm Turn, Left Under Arm Turn;
  • Silver: Cuban Walk with Cross-Over, Cross-Over, Rhythm Changes A,B,C, Roll Away, Wrap Around, Snap Turn, Cuban Walk with Under Arm Turns, Counter Promenade Chasse, Shadow Breaks, Spot Turn, Side by Side Progressive Walks, Side by Side to Rocks, Back Spot with Under Arm Turn Right/Left, Free Spins with Breaks;
  • Gold: Sliding Doors, Fencing, Hip Twists, Side by Side Variation, Lady’s Challenge Step, Forward Spot Check to Separation & Syncopated Spin, Lady’s Back Tunnel to Kick & Spin, Forward Spot Turn to Back Flick & Continuous Grapevine, Knee Lift to Turnaway, Argentine Flick & Break to Ronde & Check, Side By Side Flick Break to Lady’s Leg Wrap, Syncopated Grapevine Variation.

Cha Cha:

  • Bronze:  Basic, Under Arm Turn, Hand to Hand, Three Turn Combination, Chase Turn, Cross Triple, Twist and Fan, Promenade Break, Fifth Position Breaks, Open Breaks, Cross-Overs, Parallel Break, Parallel Break w Spin, Single Cuddle, Double Cuddle, Cross Body Leads;
  • Silver: Three Cha Cha’s, Turkish Towel, Sailor’s Shuffle, Off-Set Break, Paseo, Swivel and Cross-Over, Surprise Break, Rhythm Changes A, B, C, Cross Triple w Ronde, Kick Breaks, Swivels to Pull Back, Circle, Two Way Spot, Kick Turn Combination, Pull Back Swivels;
  • Gold: Advanced Paseo, Alternate Turns with Lady’s Spin, Continuous Turns to Back Drops, Cross Body Spins & Open Box , Advance Hip Twist, Hip Twist Spiral, Grapevine Combination, Quick Crossovers, Opposition Lunge Line, Tango Close, Hip Roll, Quick Back Breaks, Lady’s Swivels, Man’s Ronde, Back Spot Turn, Syncopated Locks & Body Sway, Slash Sit, Cradle & Freeze, Pullback, Double Rondé


  • Bronze:  Basic, Passing Breaks - Progressive Basic, Basic Breaks Forward/Backward, Side Breaks, Promenade Breaks - Fifth Position Breaks, Open Break, Open Break with Under Arm Turn, Cross Over, Outside Breaks Forward, Outside Breaks Backward, Forward Spot Turn, Backward Spot Turn, Cross Body Lead, Under Arm Turn Left, Cuddle - Parallel Breaks/Shadow Breaks, Chase Half Turn, Chase Full Turn;
  • Silver: Forward Spot Turn, Back Spot with Under Arm Turn Right, Back Spot with Under Arm Turn Left, Side by Side, Open Hip Twist, Time Steps, Chase Turn to Cross Turn, Closed and Open Box Step, Cross-Over and Swivel, Swing Mambo, Promenade Swivels, Surprise Break, Double Spin, Kick Tap, Whip Turns, Swivels to Pull Back, Half Time;
  • Gold: Challenges, Chases, Passes, Flicks, Side By Side Breaks to Snap Roll In, Lady’s Stationary Swivel to Man’s Wrap In, Swivels to Surprise Lunge & Head Loop, Same Foot Variations, Argentine Flick to Crossover Tap and Explosion, Open Facing Same Foot Variation.


  • Bronze: Basic, Cross Body Lead, Open Break, Right Under Arm Turn, Fifth Position Break, Outside Break, Cross Over Break and Switch Turn, Left Side Pass, Right Side Pass, Back Spot Turn, Lady’s Under Arm Turns to Left and Right, Free Walk Around Turn from Cross Over;
  • Silver:  Passing Changes, Shadow Wraps, Left Side Pass, Outside Break to Overturned Aida, Crossover Break to Overturned Aida, Traveling Cross to Switch Turn, Lunge to Lady's Free Turn to Right, Right Side Pass, Back Spot Turn to Rudolph Ronde, Back Spot Turn, Under Arm Turns to Left and Right, Eros Line in Shadow to Double Check.


  • Bronze:  Side Chasse Basic Step, Rotating Basic Step, Separation and Movement Back to Closed, Dancing Apart in Open Position, Open Break, Open Break and Four Count Natural Under Arm Turn, Eight Count Slow Natural Under Arm Turn, Reverse Turn, Trading Places Alternating, She Goes/He Goes Turns, Man’s Double Hand Change Turn to Left, Back Spot Turn,
  • Silver: Roll In & Out, Cross Body with Checked Rock, Hip Circle, Around the Back Roll Out Spins, Adios, Man’s Spin Following Back Spot Turn, She Goes Under/He Goes, Under/She Goes Under, Man’s Pretzel, Pretzel with Wrap and Duck Out, Slow Tunnel, Double Slow Tunnel, Spot Pivot, Back Spot Under Arm Turn and Check with Twists.


  • Bronze:  Basic, Samba Walks, Rhythm Bounce, Volta Movements (Traveling & Spot), Traveling Bota Fogos Forward, Criss Cross Bota Fogos (Shadow Bota Fogos), Traveling Bota Fogos Back, Bota Fogos to Promenade and Counter Promenade, Criss Cross Voltas, Solo Spot Volta, Foot Changes, Shadow Traveling Volta, Reverse Turn;
  • Silver: Opening Out Left & Right, Rolling Box, Volta to Left and Right, Open Break, Advanced Left Turn; Grapevine to In and Out Run and Pivots, Samba Circle to Side by Side Samba Run, Alternating Pull Thru to Side Switches, Progressive Swivels to Outside Under Arm Turn, Open Hand Rocks, Mambo Breaks to Left Rolls, Side by Side Volta Combination with Jazz Walks; Natural Rolls; Contra Bota Fogos, Roundabout, Promenade and Counter Promenade Runs; Samba Locks.


  • Bronze:  Basic (Closed), (Open), Under Arm Turns, Cross Over Break with Turn, Under Arm Turn with Double Hand Hold, Cross Body Leads, Man's Pivot Turn /Under Arm Turn, Rope Spin From Basic-L to R, Cross Body Lead-Arm Throw, Two Way Cross Body Lead-Shoulder/Leg Spin, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L to R, Rope Spin From Under Arm Turn-R to R, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-Waist, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L to R, Man's Pivot Turn/Hook Turn, Windmill, Man Wrap-Lady's Waist Turn, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L to R, Man's Pivot Turn/Head Duck, Rope Spin From Basic-Two Hands, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L to L, Man's Pivot Turn/Waist Duck, Two Way Cross Body Lead-Rev Hammerlock/Turn,
  • Silver: Man's Pivot Turn/Under Arm Turn, Man's Pivot Turn/Hook Turn, Man's Pivot Turn/ Head Duck, Man's Pivot Turn/Waist Duck, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-L to R, Cross Body Lead Rev Turn-L to L, Cross Body Lead-Rev Turn-Waist, Cross Body Lead-Arm Throw, Two Way Cross Body Lead - Reverse Hammerlock/Turn, Two Way Cross Body Lead-Shoulder/Leg Spin, Rope Spin From Basic-L to R, Rope Spin From Basic-Two Hands, Rope Spin from UA Turn-R to R, Windmill, Man Wrap-Lady's Waist Turn, Behind the Back Turn;
  • Gold: Copas, Back Spot with Back Roll, Hand Flick, Rotating Cross Body Lead, Rotating Cross Body Lead, Open Break/Under Arm Turn, Rotating Right, Walk Sequence: Hammerlock/Dive, Walk Sequence: Basic From Under Arm Turn, Walk Sequence: Walk & Hook Turn, Open Break/Rev Turn/Sneak and Walk Sequence: Closed Turning Right, Open Break/ L to R, Arm Catches, Walk Sequence: Basic From Under Arm Turn, Walk Sequence: Walk & Hook Turn, Open Break/ R to R, Sweethearts, Rotating Cross Body Lead, Walk Sequence: Closed Turning R, Walk Sequence: Basic From Under Arm Turn, Walk Sequence: Walk & Hook Turn, Walk Sequence: Hammerlock/ Dive, Open Break/Rev Turn/Sneak and Open Break/ Under Arm Turn, Rotating R, Open Break/R to R, Sweethearts, Open Break/L to R, Arm Catches.


  • Bronze - Silver:  Side to Side Basics, Side to Side Flicks, Under Arm Turns.  If dancing stationary, then all Mambo Syllabus Movements are used (See Mambo).  If traveling, then all Polka Syllabus Movements are used (see Polka).


  • Bronze: Forward/Back basic step, Open and Back to Closed, Half Pivot, Cross Body Leads,  Lady’s Hairbrush, Man’s Hairbrush, Man’s Head Hooks, Inside Turn and Back to Closed, Eight-count Step Tap, Free Spins, Inside Turns for Lady, Outside Turns for Lady, Man’s Left and Right Turns, Left and Right Free Spins for Lady, Left and Right Free Spins for Man, Patty Cake Free Spins, Combining Left and Right Turns, Eight Count Spot Pivot;
  • Silver: Forward and Back in Cape (shadow) position, Forward and Back in Cape (shadow) Position with extra turn, Cape (shadow) Position with Matched Footwork, Dancing in Skater’s Position with Matched Footwork, Man’s Right Turn to Hammerlock, Side to Side Check Step, Forward and Back Check Step, Slow Bumps, Four Additional Fast Bumps, Roll and Pop, Eight Counts, Hairbrush and Roll and Pops, Easy Dip from Forward/Back Check Step, Easy Dip from the Basic, Roll in Dip.


Syllabi for Nightclub Dances and other Fun Dances taught at PJ’s  Dancetique:

East Coast Swing :

  • Bronze: Basic, Open Break, Under Arm Turn Lady’s, Under Arm Turn Man’s, Tuck-In with Under Arm Turn, Tuck-In with Free Turn, Tuck-In with Free Turn, Double Tuck-In, Throwaway, Eight Count Basic in Place, Eight Count Basic Turning, Eight Count Basic with Open Break, Eight Count Variation, Eight Count Under Arm Turn Left, Eight Count Turn Right, Sugar Foot - Chicken Walks, Four Kicks, Simple Sugar Push, Turning Sugar Push, Circle Swivel - Whirlwind/ Continuous Open Tuck In, Peek-a-Boo, Promenade Walks, Reverse Wrap, Reverse Under Arm Turn for Lady to Head Loop, Mooch;
  • Silver: Kick Ball-Change, Under Arm Turns with Hand Change, Hesitation, Back Shuffle, Whip and Under Arm Turn to Left, Whip and Under Arm Turn to Right, American Spin, Rolling off the Arm, Spin Whip, Shoulder Spin, Toe Heel Spin, Lindy Variations, Back to Back Swivel, Swing Hop, Lindy Whips, Swing Slide, Kick Breaks;
  • Gold: Continuous Tuck In, Hip Roll & Pullback, Spinning Wrap and Syncopated Points, Circular Foot Splits & Barrel Turn, Toe Heel Swivel Combination, Kick and Freeze, Two Circles, Around the Back, Alternating Shuffles, Rolling of the Arm & Circular Swivels.  

West Coast Swing:

  • Bronze:  Basic - Six Count & Eight Count, Right Side Pass (Under Arm Turn), Left Side Pass (Under Arm Turn), Tuck Turn (from open); Spinning Left Side Pass, She Goes / He Goes, Triple Starter Step, Rock Step, Lady’s Movement from Closed to Open, Cut Off, Reverse, Hitch, Accelerated Side Pass, Spinning Left Side Pass with Head Loop to Closed, Closed Whip, Locked Whip, Whip with Inside Turn, Closed Whip with Two Turns to Right, Perez;
  • Silver: Checked Whip, Lock Whip with Two Turns to the Right, Lock Whip, Side Break and Spin, Spinning Hammerlock, Back Whip, Back Whip with Extra Turn, Reverse Whip, Bow Whip, Accelerated Whip, Continuous Whip, Double Hand Cross Whip, Bow Tie Whip, Closed Whip with Roll In, Pivot Whip, Snap In Whip, Two Hand Catch & Spin, Under Arm Turn Syncopations, Roll In, Check & Throw Out;
  • Gold: Swivel Whip & Syncopation Taps, Cradle Switches, Solo Spin & Hustle Whip, Hammer Whip & Roll In, Press Whips & Grapevine, Kick & Sit, Tuck & Kick Swivel Pass, Neck Whip & Catch, The Double Hammerlock, Behind the Back Whip & Worm


  • Bronze: Basic, Starter Step, One Quarter Turn, One Half Turn, Man’s Turn to Left, Double Hand Change, Man’s Turn to Left, Alternating Man’s Turns, Bridge to Open Position, Lady’s Head Loop, Cross Body Lead, Lady’s Movement to Shadow Position, Sliding Doors, Grapevine, New York Walks, Open Check Step, Whip with Inside Turn, Man’s Hammerlock Whip, Lady’s Inside Turn to Closed, Lady’s Wrap Turn to Left, Right Turning Cross Body Lead;
  • Silver: Cross Body Lead with Inside Turn, Shadow Position Rolling Breaks, Hustle Rolls, Around the World, Right Side Wrap A & B, Whip with Two Inside Turns, Double Left-Turning Free Spins for Lady, Four Corners, Four Count Turns, Butterfly, Butterfly with Swivels, Shadow Position Grapevine, Shoulder Roll, Roll In - Push Off, Shadow Position Back and Forth Movement, Swivels, Zig Zags.


  • Bronze:  Basic, Closed Basic, Promenade, Escort, Man's Cape, Woman's Cape, Inside Twirl to Escort, Inside Twirl to Man’s Cape, Outside Twirl to Escort, Lariat to Lady’s Cape, Man's Cape: Outside Twirl to Escort, Outside Turn, Inside Turn;
  • Silver: Advanced Basic, Heel Toe Chasses, Chasses Left, Chasses Right, Cradle, Lariat to Lady’s Cape, Polka Turns, Progressive Balances, Promenade Twirl: To Promenade, To Escort, Lady's Cape: Inside Twirl to Escort, Inside Double Twirl to Escort

Nightclub 2-Step:

  • Bronze: Basic, Four Left Turns, Left Turn with Lady’s Right/Left, Under Arm Turn, Outside Under Arm Turns, Left Turn with Man’s Hesitation Move, Two Hand Hold - Two Cuddles, Around the World, Around the World with Man’s Freespin,
  • Silver:  Flip Flops, Alternating Under Arm Turns Outside, Continuous Inside Turn for the Lady, Hammerlock, Egg Beater, Lady’s Freespin “Oh Baby”, Running Right Turn, Running Right Turn with Lady’s Outside Turn, Continuous Back Spot Turn with Rondes, Alternating Under Arm Turns, Lady’s Inside Face Loop to a Bow and Arrow, Under Arm Catch & Opposition, She Goes, He Goes, The Wheel, Spinning Hammerlock, Cradle & Corte. 

Romantic Club Slow Dancing :

The steps are the “One Step” pattern and an adaptation of the waltz and foxtrot.  

  • Bronze:  Converting Ballroom Figures to Slow Dance Rhythm: Half Time, Single, Syncopated, Dance Positions, Footwork, Styling, Basic, Forward, Back and Side Balance, Walks in Promenade Position, Lady’s Under Arm Turn with Separation, Cross Over Breaks;
  • Silver:  Parallel Breaks, Double Rock, Slow Rock, Continuous movements, Outside Walk, Promenade Walks Around with Under Arm Turn, Dips, Under Arm Turn with Back Walks, Fifth Position Breaks, Tango Corte, Pivots from the Corte, The Lunge, Promenade Runs.

Country and Western Progressive Two-Step:

  • Bronze:  Basic, Single Inside Turn, Single Outside Turn, Wrap In/Out, Hammerlock In/Out, Promenade, 180 Degree Turns, Sweetheart, Freespin, Wrap, Check Turns, Freespin to Closed;
  • Silver: Double Inside Turn, Double Outside Turn, Man’s Inside Turn, Man’s Outside Turn, Catch and Rotate, Outside Lace Whip, Inside Lace Whip, 360 Degree Couple Turn, Pattycakes, Lariat, Flip Flop, Flip Flop to Window, Turn to Sweetheart.

Texas Two-Step:

  • Bronze: Basic, Walk Around Turn, Cross Body Lead, Pivot Turn, Lady’s Double Turn to Right, Wrap In/Out, Lady’s Movement to Cape Position, "Prep Turns" Check, Turning Basic, Vine Steps, Synchronized Free Spins, Turning Basic Starting from Cape Position, Promenade Weaves, Turning Basic - Behind the Back Hand Change, Lariats, Bow Tie into Turning Basic, Lady’s Pretzel, Circular Basic, Whips;
  • Silver: Cape Turns with Double Turns, Right Side Wrap Turns with Double Turns, Flick Turns with Double Turns, Patty Cakes with Double Turns, She Goes / He Goes - Lariat, Syncopated Lariat, Man's "Fake" and Lady's Wave, Other Weaves, Man's Head Loop, Man’s Wrap and Lady’s Ronde, Man’s Duck Out, Man’s Tunnel from Lariat, Man’s Duck Out, Quick Tunnels, Pivots, Left Turning Revolve, Free Spins for Lady.

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